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New Music Friday: Samurai Velvet, Merce Lemon, La'Vender Freddy, and Ky Vöss

click to enlarge Screenshot from Samurai Velvet's Nite Out music video
Screenshot from Samurai Velvet's Nite Out music video
It's been a while since the last New Music Friday featuring local releases. Almost two months to be exact. There have been some unexpected changes here at Pittsburgh City Paper, and I haven’t had time to search for new music as much as I used too. On top of that, I’ve also only been getting about a fifth of the submissions that I did before the pandemic. All this is to say, please, keep sending me your music and music updates (, even if I don’t reply. There are multiple ways to be featured in CP besides a longer feature or cover story like a small review, an artist Q&A, or this New Music Friday.

Below you will find releases from the past month or so, with more music roundups to come next week. I am still wholly committed to supporting the talented group of musicians and bands Pittsburgh has to offer.

Samurai Velvet - "Nite Out"
Flirty and boisterous, this newest single from electro-pop duo Samurai Velvet (Saige Smith and Joe Chilcott) is a "bad bitch anthem in memory of the pre-COVID Friday nights." The music video adds to the fun, as you watch Smith dance around Pittsburgh while Chilcott creeps in the background. I dare you to try and not groove to this tune.

Merce Lemon - "Baby"
T-minus three weeks until Merce Lemon drops her debut album, Moonth, out August 14. She gave us a sneak peek of what's to come early June with "Baby," a short and cohesive breakup track that leaves you wanting more.

La'Vender Freddy - The Adventures of La'Vender Freddy & The Sunscreen Conspiracy: In An Acoustic World [Chapter One]
La'Vender Freddy is back with an experimental, glitchy, unapologetic album that blends R&B, rock, and electronic. Each song is a surprise, leaving you to guess where they are headed next. You may end up dancing while crying. 

Ky Vöss - "Masochism"
Another song made better by its accompanying video. In "Masochism,"
Ky Vöss continues to showcase a knack for electrifying synth-pop and with a retro-tinge.
Vöss' new album, Coping Mechanisms, drops in September.

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