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Building a Family
Crafted Sounds

Building a Family by SPISH (formerly Spacefish) is a dark, avant-indie rock record. It twists and turns, oozing the existential dread haunting the parts of your brain you can’t quite reach sober or while awake.

From the splashy darkness of “We Love Jesus” to the sad story of “Bodie,” the album sets off on a dark voyage. It eases up with “Intermission With Rosie Rainbow,” a fun interlude about a tadpole becoming a frog. Its sound and lyrics comprise a jingle-esque PSA about the possibility of being something beyond what you already are. The song then sinks back into cynical shadows, as it ends with a soundbite of a butter advertisement from the 1950s, the uneasiness caused by consumerism sneaking its way into your mind. 

“Lift Off (Reprise)” is a dark, morbid ditty with catchy pop melodies, while “Veins” is an almost Tim-Burton-esque rock jaunt with a carnival feel.

Building a Family is not an album about the pretty white-picket-fence, married-with-two-and-a-half-kids story. It is about the seedy underbelly of existence, where demons of self-doubt and morbidity thrive. 

For Fans Of: Cynicism, freaky fun houses, early Arctic Monkeys

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