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New Local Releases: Patrick Haley Coyle


Patrick Haley Coyle
Change Rose

Patrick Haley Coyle’s EP Change Rose is, in a word, pretty. Its five songs are soft, spacious tracks dotted with drum machines, synth, thoughtful guitar work and distinct vocals. Coyle’s delicate falsetto and gentle voice may be recognizable from work with his other bands IT IT and Blød Maud, but Change Rose sounds like neither project. 

“Ancient Shiver” kicks off the release with a sparse soundscape, with echoes of distant conversation samples. A subtle synth riff weaves between the lyrics and swims around the airy harmonies. 

“Torn Awake” is a bright, spacey voyage that guides the listener to “Cool,” a hazy, dreamy number with reverb-drenched vocals and precise pacing that keeps the downtempo song feeling relaxed without becoming boring. 

“Empty Nest” is a gloomy, emotive number in which Coyle uses his voice as the guiding instrumentation on an incredibly quiet, stripped-down effort. 

The EP’s closer, “Hi, There,” is the most driving of all the tracks, with an entrancing falsetto hook, along with a chorus of Coyle’s vocals. It’s a summery track with tinges of banjo among the electronic sounds, making it the perfect soundtrack for a bike ride on an empty, breezy trail, or a long, sunny bus ride with your head resting on your lover’s shoulder. 

For Fans Of: Panda Bear, a way quieter version of Real Estate, Grizzly Bear 

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