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New Local Release: Murder for Girls' All the Pretty Stars


Murder for Girls
All the Pretty Stars

Murder for Girls’ distorted guitars and high-energy rock pull you into that world that Republican men find to be the most frightening thing of all: women with autonomy and strength. All the Pretty Stars, the band’s latest, is a catchy grunge-rock record that’s heavily injected with myriad ’90s-rock influences, ranging from Sleater-Kinney and HUM to Sonic Youth.

“Jennifer Lynch” is one of the most enthralling tunes on the record, its spooky bass line driving the song’s eerie feel. “Rocker Chick Vibe” carries an aggressive rock sound, a perfect pairing for lyrical content that reminds dudes that it’s pretty apparent when they are into the idea of a woman, instead of who she actually is. “Who did you want to see? Who did you want me to be? Not your fantasy,” declare the vocals that close out the record.

All the Pretty Stars’ release will be celebrated after the Nov. 11 performance of Real/Time Interventions’ cabaret-style true-crime stage musical Angelmakers: Songs for Female Serial Killers, which features Michele Dunlap on drums. 

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