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New Local Release: Badluxe's Ribcage Xylophone

Ribcage Xylophone

Debut EP Ribcage Xylophone may only be four songs long,  but it’s an encouraging sample of what new funk outfit Badluxe have to offer. Between Cea Carlesi’s dreamy voice — which can shift from airy croon to strong belt — and the grooving instrumentals of guitarist Stephen Conover, drummer Evan Ellis and bassist Anthony Pandolph, it leaves a lasting impression of a funky new outfit.  

The title track is a poppy rock song that digs into supernatural intuition, something that not everyone can relate to. Carlesi begs, “Don’t make me feel like I’m the only one” over a catchy interlude, before stripping down to solo drums and eventually, nothing at all.

Album-closer “Loud” is a dance-inducing, groovy number that calls forth some Michael Jackson and Prince-isms. “Loud” urges listeners to use their voices for good, to be loud and present and heard. It’s the kind of political anthem with heartfelt, belting vocals that makes you want to march in the streets or shake your booty. Maybe both. 

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