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New Local Release: Astrology Now's Semi-Hollow Review

Astrology Now
Semi-Hollow Review

In just 10 songs, Astrology Now’s debut, Semi-Hollow Review, proves it’s a band whose music is worth sinking into. The initial singles on the record — “A Loud Sound for the Future” and “Is It Real” — each serve as their own immersive universes for listeners to lose themselves in. The album is cohesive, but shows songwriter Greg Mastrean’s range as a composer and performer. “Real Culture” is a spacey number, driven by the grooving low end, while “Do You Dream Vividly” is a crunchier, fuzzed-out trip that bleeds into “The Only One,” a more experimental haze laced with tambourine.  

Each of the album’s swirling psychedelic numbers were initially recorded with Mastrean playing every instrument. But at the urging of producer Nate Campisi, early this month at Spirit, Astrology Now performed songs from the album with a full band, with Mastrean on vocals and guitars, accompanied by Gordy Brash on drums, Zach Bronder and Matt Turcsanyi on guitar and vocals, and Campisi on bass. The band brings to life the record’s energy, creating an experience as immersive and colorful as the album itself.

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