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Nebby post alert: Skeleton stolen, then partially recovered, but still partially lost in Shaler Township

In Pittsburgh, locals call being nosy and gossipy “nebby” and Pittsburghers looooove to be nebby. And while nebbiness used to be confined to water coolers, neighborhood meetings, or chats on the porch, modern-day nebbiness can now be found online.

In late October, just as the Halloween season was starting to heat up, a couple in Shaler Township had their large decorative skeleton stolen from their front lawn, and despite recovering the bottom half of the decoration, the top half is still missing, according to a post on

Apparently, the 12-foot decorative skeleton was stolen and dragged behind a blue pickup truck before it fell off the road on Hilglor Drive. The couple is looking for any help they can get.

“Our Skeleton Was Stolen. Sooo my fiance and I live on Anderson road and we have a 12 foot skeleton and early this morning the police came to our house saying they got a report of people in a blue pickup truck stealing it and dragging it behind them where eventually it fell off Hilglor Drive,” wrote the neighbor. “We’re looking for the rest of the skeleton and if anyone has any other information it would be greatly appreciated as we want to help the police charge whoever did this.”
Screenshot taken from Nextdoor
The Nextdoor post has garnered more than 100 replies, and some of the yinzer neighbors assumed the thieves would have been deterred if they just had jobs, and some joked about voter fraud.

“If your [sic] that bored to go around stealing decorations how about get a job stay busy and out of trouble! Ridiculous sorry this happy to you,” wrote one neighbor.

Another wrote, “Sorry this happened to you, but maybe they are taking him to vote and will bring him back?!”
Half of the recovered decorative skeleton - SCREENSHOT TAKEN FROM NEXTDOOR
Screenshot taken from Nextdoor
Half of the recovered decorative skeleton
Thankfully, one neighbor had a less political sense of humor and kept the reply Halloween-themed.

“Too bad Michael Myers was not hiding in the shadows waiting for the creeps that did this!”

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