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Nebby post alert: Drama renewed over wind chimes in Garfield

There is a legendary local post that tells the story of someone filing an official noise complaint and calling the police over a neighbor's wind chimes in Garfield. When I first asked the Pittsburgh Twitterverse to weigh in with some of their favorite nebby social media posts, the response that most yinzers came back to was the wind chime lady.

Well, it appears she is at it again.

In late November, a Garfield resident on Nextdoor posted a poetic-like screed — complete with an apparent reference to the band Eurythmics — complaining about wind chimes and the apparent deafening noise they make.

“Tie the chimes in this wind. Here comes the chimes again, raining on my head like a new emotion, here we go again, here we go again,” reads the post. “Seriously, can all you chime lovers, especially the ones that sound like church cathedral in this wind, consider their friendly neighbors who are all going crazy due to lack of sleep?”
The woman hates wind chimes so much and the people that tell her to calm down, that she even offered to post up people at her place, so they can experience the apparent cacophony.

“And all the chime lovers who tell me, ‘Too bad, you live in the city,’ feel free to spend a night. I’ll happily give you my address.”

The post has already garnered about 140 comments from other residents. There were some neighbors in support of the wind chime lady and many others who mocked her. And, as is typical for social media, it even led to an argument between seemingly complete strangers.

One resident from Aspinwall replied and was not pleased. “Oh for Pete’s sake! Do you ask the birds to stop singing?”

Another person from Morningside said that when she reads posts like this, she thinks of her friends' mothers who used to say, “People would complain if you took Jesus off the cross.”

But the whiny wind chime lady wasn’t alone in her contempt. A neighbor from Stanton Heights replied, “For wind chime lovers: bring them inside and blow a fan on them 24/7 and you can be chimed to your heart's content. Just because you like them doesn’t mean your neighbor does.”
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