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Nebby post alert: Bobcat spotted in East Liberty

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CP Illustration: Lucy Chen
On Dec. 22, a 260-pound black bear was caught just outside of Downtown Pittsburgh, and collectively, the city went crazy. Black bear mania for a day. It was also the third time in the last few years that a black bear had been spotted within city limits.

But bears aren’t the only unexpected wild creatures roaming Pittsburgh streets.

According to a Dec. 17 video posted on, a bobcat was spotted in East Liberty, and it wasn’t the first time this has happened.

“Not sure why the quality went so bad on nextdoor, but please be aware there’s a bobcat in the area,” reads the post. “This is the 4th time this month it's gone through my backyard. Bobcats are mostly active at night and don’t tend to attack humans but be aware of your surroundings and keep pets inside!”
Nebby post alert: Bobcat spotted in East Liberty
Screenshot taken from Nextdoor
Bobcats average between 15-21 pounds and aren’t a threat to humans. With their tufted ears, long legs, and short tails, bobcats are the smallest member of the lynx family and can be found in virtually every corner of the continental U.S., so a citing in Pittsburgh isn’t that outlandish. The feline species also has been making a comeback as of late, and bobcat numbers are growing.

In fact, a bobcat was spotted in nearby Lawrence County earlier this year in March. And in 2018, a bobcat even boarded the Gateway Clipper boat near Downtown Pittsburgh.

A Pennsylvania Game Commission official says he was surprised a bobcat boarded the boat, but not shocked that the animal was found in Downtown, noting there is plenty of greenery all around the city for bobcats to thrive.

Guess that includes East Liberty now, too.
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