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Nameless in August's Jeremy Colbert unveils project at new Homestead venue this weekend

Album Artwork: Krystleyez
For most of 2019, Jeremy Colbert, singer/guitarist of Pittsburgh folk-rock band Nameless in August, was working on a solo project.

The project, an album titled Spirit Maze, out Sat., Feb. 22, is centered around the handpan, an instrument Colbert learned about in 2015 after meeting
Australian musician Sam Maher at a Hambone's open stage night. Maher was on his way to pick up the instrument — a convex steel drum with the capacity to create a complex range of notes.

Fast forward to 2019, where Colbert, now an owner of his own handpan, spent the year in Boulder, Colo. recording Spirit Maze with Dango Rose of Elephant Revival.

What began as a solo album with healing intentions grew into a "music entity seeking to support community and cultivate consciousness." Spirit Maze is an eight-track album where the handpand intertwines with acoustic guitar and lyrical compositions.

Using the moniker Taragápe (The origin of the name stems from agápe, one of seven different words for ‘love’ in the ancient Greek culture, meaning unconditional love or love for humanity.), Colbert celebrates the release of Spirit Maze tomorrow at The Dragon's Den in Homestead, the former St. Mary Magdalene Church which has been transformed into an indoor ropes course and zipline for youth. The Dragon’s Den will officially open this summer and 18% of tickets sold on Saturday will benefit the venue.

Following in the community mentality of the album, joining Colbert at the release event is a number of musicians, circus arts entertainers, live painters, and community organizations.

Colbert will perform the album in its entirety as a five-piece ensemble featuring himself (handpan/guitar/vocals), Matt Price (drums/percussion), James Bristol (double bass), Briana Carraher (cello), and Nashwan Abdullah (violin/fiddle).

A preview of the venue and album can be seen in the video below, and the full list of performs is available here.

Spirit Maze Album Release Show. Sat., Feb. 22 6-9 p.m. Dragon's Den, 1008 Amity St., Homestead. $20-$25.

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