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My top 10 favorite songs by Pittsburgh artists

click to enlarge Pittsburgh musician F3ralcat sits outside and wears a light tan coat.
CP Photo: Kaycee Orwig
Over the past year and some months, I've covered a lot of music. From interviewing national touring acts to spotlighting local talent, Pittsburgh City Paper has been a platform for me to write about something I'm very passionate about.

Because of this, I've listened to a lot of local music. Many of these songs have made it onto my personal playlists or are on repeat in my apartment for days. I'm constantly listening to music, and there's a high possibility I'm listening to a Pittsburgh artist when you see me. Here are my top 10 favorites:

"Reno" - Side Sleeper
This song gets stuck in my head regularly and for a good reason. It's heartfelt and emotional while being catchy and sonically light. I love how the song almost deconstructs as it nears the end, and the lyrics are among my favorites.

"Do What Now" - Gaadge
I love the noise of this song. The refrain of "are we in too deep, is the talk to cheap" is one that I find myself singing at random intervals. 2021 and 2022 have been very rock-heavy years for me so I come back to this song a lot.

"King Cool" - Flower Crown
King Cool made it to my official "I'm leaving Pittsburgh and I'm sad" playlist, so I've been listening to it quite a bit as I pack up my life. It's thought-provoking and sincere while being a song you just kind of want to get lost in.

"When I'm Back On My" - F3ralcat
I'll put this song on when I want to focus because it has no words, so I think it's gonna help me zero in on my work, but I ultimately get sucked into the groove and get distracted.

"Water" - Hollan & Zach Wood
This song just fits my general morose-girl mood. The vocal performances are so clear and crisp, and the guitar and instrumentation give it this deep, kind of sorrowful sound. I really dig this song.

click to enlarge Pittsburgh musician Sierra Sellers smiles as she leans over a railing.
CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Sierra Sellers
"Lonely Feels" - Sierra Sellers
Sellers is incredibly talented. I don't have to tell you that but I'm still gonna say it anyway. This song is the ultimate chill R&B vibes and it's always on repeat in my house.

"Big "- Djor
I consider Djor a friend, and I'm also just a huge fan, so trying to pick a favorite of his was hard. But I think Big is a great show of his chops as a producer and an artist overall.

click to enlarge Musician Brittney Chantele stands wearing sunglasses and a multicolored jacket.
CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Brittney Chantele
"Favorite Girl" - Brittney Chantele, Safiya
Brittney will always be a Pittsburgh artist for me, you can fight me if you want. When they released this collab I was so excited. It's catchy and cute and a perfect track for your summer crush.

"Vodkawine" - Sad Girls Aquatic Club
This song isn't new, but it is evergreen for me. It was an instant favorite of mine when it first came out. I love how it's kind of experimental and haunting and buzz — very good stuff.

"Chores" - feeble little horse

There's definitely a theme forming here and it's that I really like loud, fuzzy songs that I can play at max volume. This song is one I listened to quite a bit over the past year and will continue to blast whenever I can.

Honorable Mentions:
"HEATWAVE" by Jordan Montgomery
"DMX" by Grizz
"Downfall" by JM the Poet
"Gales of Worry" by String Machine.
"A Little Fucked Up (But I Love You)" by Royal Haunts