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#MusicMonday Wrap-up: March 4

Featured this week: new music from livefromthecity, Action Camp, and more.

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Photo: Action Camp
Action Camp

Every Monday, CP staff writer Jordan Snowden wraps up the weekend in local and national music news with #MusicMonday. This week, she features new releases in Pittsburgh.

"Aesthetic" - Bilal Abbey
With Abbey's smooth, low voice and looping elevator music-like background beat, "Aesthetic" is the perfect song to relax and vibe-out to. It's a must-add to any "Chill" playlist.

Death Discs - Action Camp
To celebrate turning 13, Action Camp held an anniversary show,  Splatter Platters and Death Discs, on Feb. 9 at Club Cafe, where the group covered its favorite teenage tragedy songs from the '50s and '60s. The set was recorded live, and after mastering and mixing, the album is now available to stream online or buy as a CD.

"Offseason" - livefromthecity
livefromthecity claims to be the best rapper in Pittsburgh. You be the judge with his latest release, "Offseason." His upcoming mixtape Lightwork is expected April 1.

Reminds Me Of You - howlight
Ranging from R&B to synthpop, this eight-track mixtape by 17-year-old high schooler howlight, is blissful and soothing.

"Dead Man Walking" - Some Kind of Animal
While the music video for "Dead Man Walking" was released in January, it's still worth mentioning because the stop motion video, created by ex-Pittsburgher Justin Nixon, brings new meaning to the song.

The band's Facebook page explained "We basically came to him with a clean slate which left so much room for creative direction. In turn, our song transformed from dark and moody to something much more creepy and mysterious."

Check in next week for another edition of #MusicMonday. 

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