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Mosquitos guitarist and singer Chris Root claims that his band's self-titled debut album was intended to be nothing more than a love letter to its lead vocalist, Juju Stulbach, whom he met while working on a film set in Brazil. (As authentic as their breezy style of bossa nova appears, Root and the group's third member, keyboardist Jon Marshall Smith, are actually downtown New Yorkers.) But with their follow-up release, Sunshine Barato, the Mosquitos have clearly become comfortable with being something more than a one-off novelty. (Root also seems to have become comfortable with the group's marketability; a track off the debut has already been grabbed for a television liquor ad.)



The Mosquitos' quickly-found popularity is indeed well-deserved, however, and its brilliance emanates from an almost indescribable vibe; turn up Sunshine loud enough and you'll practically feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your back. It's the perfect disc, in other words, for those looking to temporarily transport their minds to a place that their bodies, for whatever reason, can't quite go.

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