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If I can imagine grey vermin
roaming the rafters, little mouse feet in the attic,
that music comforting the night, grey shapes
taking form --

why not the prospect of a man up there ... his face
whisker soft and wise,
a stubble beast,
I map his movements.

Or am I merely doing
my work in miniature, making him
small enough --
fun to watch 

his body sleek and smooth,
strong and fleshy hands
knowing where to please --
how to fix the leak.

My mouse to man 
is Andy Kaufmann, 
Jack Black, and Adam Sandler, indeed -- 
humor is key, to be my lover.

-- Victoria Dym


Victoria Dym has worked as a stage, screen and television actress, a standup comedian and a Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey clown. She lives in Mount Lebanon. Many writers featured in Chapter & Verse are guests of Prosody, produced by Jan Beatty and Ellen Wadey. Prosody airs every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on independent radio, WYEP 91.3 FM.

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