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Morning Glory

Light laughs behind the scenes of a TV morning show

A perennially hopeful television producer (Rachel McAdams) gets a shot at reviving a fourth-place-and-falling-fast morning show. Her best hope: roping in the semi-retired but super-cranky hard-news guy (Harrison Ford, set on glower), while still keeping the reigning hostess (Diane Keaton), a former beauty queen, fluffy and happy. On the upside, Roger Michell's film is more a workplace comedy than a rom-com -- a relationship with a wealthy, dishy co-worker (Patrick Wilson) feels shoehorned in. On the downside, must this hardworking female be such a frantic goose? Fortunately, the film hurtles along, because nobody in it is that likable, and plenty of the plot defies space, time and how TV works. McAdams is better than this (the last film I saw her in, she played a stable journalist), but seems game. See it with your gal pals.

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