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More streaming recs: 5 Netflix shows to pass your time in isolation

It’s hard not to get down during a time where you are likely stuck inside, shut out from friends and family, or stuck together with too much family. And that’s exactly the reason God created Netflix. Here’s a brief list of streaming suggestions to get you through your isolation.

I remember an old therapist of mine telling me about how when his wife would get nervous she put on a specific show she liked. I can’t remember the show, but it made me think of the comforting power of a familiar show. And that’s why it’s tough to beat The Office as a go-to. Michael Scott, the goofy uncle you enjoy more in theory than you do in practice, will bring some levity along with a fantastic cast of characters for eight engaging seasons.

Love is Blind is a new reality show where men and women date each other in different "pods" in which they can talk to each other, but not see each other. I have not seen a second of this show, so this is a “blind” recommendation, but I am so confident that reality addicts will love this premise in ways you can’t realize until you turn it on, that I’m staking my questionable reputation on the recommendation. Let me know.

I can’t quite explain it. It must be a feeling from another dimension. But I find The Twilight Zone strangely relaxing. Despite the ominous intro voiced by the inimitable Rod Serling, the editing style is a lot more deliberate and well-paced than most modern-day shows. And the episodes range from thought-provoking to absolutely zany. You’ll also get a healthy helping of notable, old Hollywood actors.

Growing up is difficult at almost any age. But teens have typically had more of a tough go of it with all the pimples and hormones and new hair. And that’s only a handful of the millions of issues Big Mouth addresses in extremely vulgar, but hilarious — and at times heartwarming — ways. This show is not safe for children.

Medical Police from creator Rob Corddry is a spinoff of the wacky comedy Childrens Hospital and definitely more insane and violent. The plot surrounds two doctors who are also police? OK. The show is riddled with puns, parody, and hilarious cameos, as the two main characters try to track down the source of a mysterious virus. I know that sounds a bit too topical, but the way this show parodies medical and police dramas will have completely aghast at the characters' high jinks.   

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