MISS CONGENIALTY 2: ARMED AND FABULOUS | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper


Sandra Bullock reprises her role as the tomboyish FBI agent Gracie, who, having become famous as the beauty-queen agent, now opts to go glam as the new fashion-forward face of today's Feds. This transformation doesn't make a lick of sense -- ass-kickin', snortin' Gracie's now a latte-sippin' Prada diva? -- but it ushers in her two new partners: her muy macho chick bodyguard Sam Fuller (Regina King) and Joel (Diedrich Bader), her limp-wristed stylist. Once again, Miss America is imperiled, and Gracie and crew head to Las Vegas to fight for justice, stopping several times to film promos for the Treasure Island hotel resort. Nothing fresh here, though Bullock's working overtime at pratfalling. Director John Pasquin is just punching the clock. (AH)

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