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Meet the musician: Nolo Wrldpul

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Photo: Tom Spagnolo
Nolo Wrldpul
One day, while scrolling through Reddit, the voice of New Kensington native Nolo Wrldpul caught my attention. Inviting and glossy, paired with contemporary downtempo R&B beats, his music is reminiscent of early tracks from The Weeknd.

Wanting to find out more about this budding artist, Pittsburgh City Paper reached out to Nolo Wrldpul - he prefers not to use his real name - to talk about inspiration, how he got started, and more.

How long have you been Nolo Wrldpul? How did you get started as a musician?
I've officially been Nolo Wrldpul since 2018 when I uploaded my first song. I was originally just Nolo but that was taken so I added the Wrldpul (which is our brand outside of music for me and my friends).

I started recording music in 2016 when I was with a friend of mine who is a musician and makes beats. He had a beat one day and I just recorded over it and I just loved recording music from there on out. I started taking it more seriously then and a few of my other close friends were making music as producers. My friend Lalo (Laloboiii) was living in Brooklyn making music and DJing at the time and I sent him a few demo songs I recorded here and he was basically like "yeah, let's make music." So I went to Brooklyn for a little to stay with him and we made some music and just had really good chemistry together. We were on the same page with how we wanted things to sound and similar taste in music. He moved back to Pittsburgh and we just never stopped making music to this day.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I draw inspiration just from things that happen in my everyday life. It's a lot easier this way, to just be inspired by everything around me. What I'm going through with everyday life, girls, relationships, people, places, problems. I need to make music to deal with a lot of these things.

Tell me about some of your recent releases.
I released two songs this past month "Calling" and "Remedy." For "Calling" I just had some things that I had to say. I was just feeling a way dealing with a relationship so I wanted to just get that one out of my system. And "Remedy" wasn't as dark, maybe you can tell I am in a different space than I was from when I made "Calling."

What did your creative process look like?
My creative process is really about what I am going through or how I am feeling at the time. I typically like to record by myself. I can write better and feel more comfortable that way. Especially if I am making intimate music. I record myself and I only really work with two producers who are some of my closest friends. Laloboiii and my friend Drew (drew iii) who I grew up with. Once I record something, we usually come together and work on arrangement and make adjustments to the beats and vocals. Once we have it where we like it, we send it to our other friend, who is an engineer, to mix and master.

You released an EP a few months ago, do you have any other big projects coming?
The House EP was all made in-house like I previously mentioned. From the production, recording, engineering, etc. That is basically what inspired the name. The House is basically Wrldpul and our group of friends. That, and we had a house in Lawrenceville that my friends were renting where we made a lot of music and had good memories. I am excited about a lot of music that I am working on currently. I think we are all progressing every time we release another song. I have a few more songs that I plan on releasing as singles throughout the summer, but I definitely plan on releasing another EP by the end of summer/early Fall.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I was involved in the school choir when I was younger and they picked two students to represent our school in a choir with kids from all over the city. I am sure I did not really take choir seriously back then (I am pretty sure they made us take choir or band). I think I was like 10, maybe [in] 5th grade. They had auditions where you had to sing in front of everyone by yourself. I don't know what made me do it, but I did it and they picked me and I represented the school and our town. I think that may be a reason why I decided to record that one day in 2016.

How do you spend your time when not working on music?
When I am not making music, I am working on Wrldpul or trying to work on visuals for the music. Wrldpul is our brand and kind of a lifestyle that I actually thought of before I started making music. Basically about diversity and being open-minded to new things, people, ideas, cultures, etc., and it is kind of how I try to live my life. That is something that I have outside of the music and something for my friends to get behind as well. We are trying to get that going because I think there is definitely a positive message behind Wrldpul that could be useful to a lot of people. Especially in a time like now considering how crazy things have been lately in the world.

What’s the most recent album (not your own) that you couldn’t stop listening to?
Hard question, I really listen to everything and just about every genre. I listened to After Hours by The Weeknd for a while, Where Polly People Go To Read by Gus Dapperton, Shadow by Plaza, 6pc Hot Ep by 6lack. New Pop Smoke album is pretty dope right now too.

Anything else you feel is important to know about yourself or your music?
I love to make music and art but I am a pretty private person.

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