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When the Master of the Flying Guillotine (who employs a martial arts weapon that must be seen to be believed) learns that his disciples have been murdered by the One-Armed Boxer, he sets out for a kung fu tournament swearing revenge. This slim back-story lets screenwriter, director and star Jimmy Wang Yu lay on the wackiest kung fu tournament ever, which, besides featuring lots of patented fist-and-foot-flying action, also presents a belching Thai, a Japanese trickster ("Win Without Knife"), an Indian yogi with a very peculiar skill and a surprising number of one-armed men. No body part is sacred, as Wang Yu cranks the gore-meter up as high as the "whack, whoop" cheesy sound effects. But you'll scream with laughter -- it's like a kung fu movie broke out in the middle of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (And what about that weird synthesizer score?) Naturally, the tournament settles nothing, and ultimately, the Master and the One-Armed Boxer must go fist-to-foot in, of all places, a coffin shop. This 1975 Hong Kong film, popular for years among the kung fu cognoscenti through inferior bootlegs, has been fully restored and will be presented in its uncut, wide-screen, bloodletting glory. In Mandarin with subtitles. Three cameras

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