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    May Diggs on 05/20/2007 at 8:41 PM
    Re: “Dirty Words
    AH, this is not the first time that Mary Beth Buchanan has chosen not to even adhere to the law. In this case, Mary Beth Buchanan is once again over reaching in order to satisfy the wacky ends of the Republican Party. I find it disturbing that she can find time to do these types of cases, yet still has not followed up on any of the public corruption cases related to Republicans. There is also the Dr. Bernard L. Rottschaefer Trial. During the trial, Mary Buchanan's key subordinate Mary McKeen Houghton put before the court knowingly false testimony when she argued that the doctor's five patients had no need for the medications. You see, at the time of two of the patients' federal plea agreements, they informed Ms. Houghton of there extensive medical conditions and the fact other physicians since Dr. Rottschaefer continued to prescribe the same medications to them for the same ailments Dr. Rottschaefer said he was treating these patients for. Confronted with this dilemma, Mary Houghton and Mary Beth Buchanan accused Dr. Rottschaefer of being a sexual predator. With bought testimony, the allegations were raised in court via leading questions by Ms. Houghton. Since Dr. Rottschaefer's trial, evidence that Mary Houghton deliberately hid evidence of pre-exisiting agreements between her and these witnesses has arisen. The evidence that confirms beyond a shadow of doubt that these patients had the ailments that they denied at trial has arisen. Evidence that Mary Houghton or one of her inestigative staff deliberately destroyed medical records has risen. Instead of stepping into resolve the matter, Mary Beth Buchanan has chosen to attack Dr. Rottschaefer. An innocent man is in prison. A prosecutor is utilizing government resources to basically frame a man, and the US Attorney for out area is too busy going after thought crimes. Please FIRE MARY BETH BUCHANAN and get someone qualified in the position.

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