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Writer-director Ramin Bahrani has crafted a small heartbreaking study of one of New York City's invisible immigrant workers. Former Pakistani pop star Ahmad (portrayed soulfully by Ahmad Razvi) now runs a coffee cart in midtown Manhattan. Bahrani employs a deceptively loose documentary style for his meditative drama; only upon reflection do you realize how carefully constructed his film is. There's a repetitive pattern of portraying work, hope and despair, with each episode unveiling a little more of Ahmad's unhappiness. The film goes forward, only to roll backward. You'll likely guess Ahmad's final blow. Yet it hardly matters, because now we know who Ahmad is: a tiny flicker of a downsized dream and some residual dignity who, like Sisyphus, is burdened to keep pushing a huge rock uphill. In English and some Urdu, with subtitles. Fri., March 23, through Sun., March 25. Harris (AH)

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