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Magical Universe

A portrait of Maine outsider-artist and Barbie lover Al Carbee

Almost by accident, New York filmmaker Jeremy Workman and his girlfriend discover Al Carbee, a semi-reclusive octogenarian living in a small town in Maine, who has filled his house (and other structures) with a lifetime of artwork. Carbee is fascinated with Barbie dolls, and much of his art incorporates the dolls into wistful and fanciful dioramas. Workman strikes up a friendship with Carbee, and his new documentary explores Carbee's life, his art and, on a deeper level, what it means to be creative with or without public exposure and feedback. A must for fans of outsider art, as well as a sweet tale of two seemingly disparate artists — Workman and Carbee — who find their creative outputs intertwined. Workman will visit for a Q&A after the Wed., Nov. 12, screening.

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