Lynn Cullen Live: Make the Green M&M Sexy Again! (01-24-23) | Lynn Cullen Live | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Lynn Cullen Live: Make the Green M&M Sexy Again! (01-24-23)

Happy Suz-day! Lynn and Susan discuss M&M’s ridiculous press statement announcing a new spokesperson following the complaints of people like Tucker Carlson over the “de-sexification” of the green M&M.

They also talk about the Supreme Court: how they failed to find the individual responsible for leaking the Dobbs decision, the overt politicization of the current Supreme Court, and the new Sundance documentary detailing Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s time at Yale.

They finish up the show discussing the most recent mass shootings and Lynn’s proposal that all gun owners should be required to have liability insurance, as well as Elon Musk’s new court case and his dangerous tweets.

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