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Lynn Cullen Live - 5/23/19

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Yesterday Lynn spoke about her hatred of seeing healthy trees cut down. Today in the Washington Post there is an article on the ash tree's almost certain demise. A beetle has been killing trees, and currently five types of ash trees are critically endangered. Why this is a major issue, and the lasting results that can come from tree extinction is what Lynn is discussing.

Lynn is also talking about two amazing obits she read. First is Fleming Begaye, the WWII Navajo code talker, died at the age of 97. Then there is Neus Catala who spent her entire life fighting fascists. She led 182 orphans out of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, then joined the French Resistance against the Nazis, and was captured and sent to Ravensbruck. From there she was sent to work in an arms factory where she helped sabotaged the production of bullets making unusable artillery shells. Her life was even used as inspiration for the book Ashes in the Sky.

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