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Lynn Cullen Live - 4/9/19

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Memory loss is the topic Lynn and Susan are looking at first today. A new study has shown that noninvasive brain stimulation can help reduce memory loss. After treatment people in the study between age 60 to 76 were found to perform memory related tasks at the same rate as a group of people aged 20 to 29. It's still a few years away for mass use however, which disappoints both Lynn and Susan. They are also talking about marijuana and how there still needs to be more research into different types of use and their effects. Edibles in particular are the type they are focusing on.

In Singapore 14 tons of pangolin scales were intercepted in a smuggling bust. These mammals are the most trafficked animals in the world. They are a delicacy in Vietnam, and used in traditional medicine, but neither Lynn nor Susan had heard of it before.

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