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Lynn Cullen Live - 3/8/19

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The big news that has caught Lynn's eye is the Paul Manafort sentence. It's beyond belief that he only got 47 months. The lesson you get from this is that if you're a powerful, rich, white male there is a different justice system for you. The inconsistency of the justice system drives Lynn crazy. In addition, she is talking about how many people are put in jail due to the fact that they can't pay a parking ticket, or other unexpected fine.

In other upsetting news, Purdue Pharma is exploring filing chapter 11 bankruptcy to avoid dealing with the lawsuits filed against them. The city of Philadelphia however, is taking a stand against companies who work against the poor. It has passed a law the will fine companies who do not accept cash payments. There are numerous companies, including Amazon, who are voicing their dislike of the new law.

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