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Lynn Cullen Live - 2/11/19

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Lynn watched the Grammys last night, and says she never feels more out of it than listening to the music she is not familiar with. Mostly she enjoyed it, and really got a kick out of how out of the loop she really is with popular music.

It looks like we're heading for another shutdown. The president is traveling to El Paso, TX for a rally, and Lynn is confused by this choice. It's actually one of the safest cities compared to others the same size, and has been for a while now. The border barrier was not the cause of it's safety.

In addition, Lynn is talking about a study done with rats where they could give themselves a shock that resulted in instant gratification. In the end the rats became obsessed. They stopped eating, drinking and reproduction, and ended up all dying. This study reminds her of human beings. So many times we go towards instant gratification, and obsession.

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