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Lynn Cullen Live 12/04/13

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Guest: Tom Sokolowski. Callers: Mike, Unknown. Warhol. Pope sneaks out at night, he was also a bouncer at a bar when he was younger. Laundry talk. Eunuch - castrated male, castrati, young boys castrated to keep singing voice high for choirs. Current casts of Eunuchs in India, running for office, present themselves as female. Talk of Film: Dallas Buyers Club, About AIDs in the 80's and how clubs formed with dues for membership and the members would get free drugs for fighting off the disease. Matthew McConaughey lost 45 lbs for his role. Looked skeletal. Raising the working wage, let restaurants like McDonalds know you won't support them until they do something about the wages for their workers.

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Lynn Cullen Live 12/04/13

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