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Lynn Cullen Live 12/02/13

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Rough coming back from a 4-day weekend; Americans eating less healthily than last year; processed foods effecting in utero babies; the kilted jew in Squirrel Hill; Wisconsin Death Trip; more interesting stories in the Trib than the PG; 1st gas station in the WORLD opened on Baum Blvd. 100 years ago; Obit: Elwood Quigley, world's ugliest dog; Romney's son aids car crash victims w/ a smile on his face; Amazon to do same-day drone deliveries in 4 years?; consequences of social trust issues; In God We Trust, not the best national motto for our country; Callers: Clarence, Canonsburg / Roger, Bellevue / Joe / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 12/02/13

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