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Lynn Cullen Live 11/07/12

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Guest: Chris Potter; OBAMA WINS! & other election day re-cap; Karl Rove's meltdown; right-wing radio tearing Romney apart today; Repubs who think Romney wasn't conservative enough; Maine for marriage equality; Nate Silver's prediction; you cannot fix what you cannot face; popular & electoral votes; CNN cuts to scene of Kenya when Obama won; poll workers; this election was God's punishment?; Democrats need to start being pro-active in other areas of gov't; Christie v. Hillary in 4 years?; Ted Nugent's tweet; pregnant woman in labor, water broken, stops to vote; voting by paper ballot; Sarah Palin is looking haggard; Callers: Susie, Sq. HIll / David DeAngelo / Margie, Scott Twp. / Mandy / Unknowns.

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Lynn Cullen Live 11/07/12

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