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Lynn Cullen Live 10/23/12

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Guest: David DeAngelo, 2 Political Junkies; 2 weeks away from the election; last night's debate - Obama won, no contest; bayonettes & horses; Romney agreed w/ Obama's foreign policy; Obama ridiculed Romney; Bob Schieffer did an okay job; after-analysis of the debate; electoral process in Parliament; word of the day: tumult; sports metaphors in politics; Trib coverage of debate; Bruce Dixon suing Rich Fitzgerald for wrongful termination; 7 scientists in Italy convicted of manslaugter because earthquake; Boy Scouts perv file; you CAN be scared to death; Pgh boilermaker making it big in Austrailia; Obit: Russel Means, Native American & actor; Caller: Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 10/23/12

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