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Lynn Cullen Live 10/11/12

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Guest: Tom Sokolowski; Modern Family; Nashville; tonight's debate; zingers & good rhetoric; archaeologists have discovered the exact place Caesar was stabbed; more on the praying mantis; cockroaches, birds, & dinosaurs; motivational speakers are full of shit; how to take a better nap; Chinese soft shell turtles urinate through their mouth; Lance Armstrong forces other to dope, becomes even bigger skeeze; S. Carolina voter ID law shut down; Sophie Mazlov, fraudulent voter @ 18 years old!; what kind of president would Romney be?; Sesame Street demands Big Bird be left alone; RAD money & Port Authority; Steelers want more seats @ Heinz Field; Obit: Alex Karras, former Detroit Lion, actor.

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Lynn Cullen Live 10/11/12

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