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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/26/18

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Please excuse any strange sounds you may hear over the last few days, as the producer's phone likes acting up at the wrong time. But besides that, welcome to Friday and the last show of the week with Lynn!

First, Lynn can't get over the shame of Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district, jokingly referred to as "Goofy kicking Donald." That seat, currently represented by Republican Pat Meehan, however could be experiencing changes now that both the Pa. Supreme Court has ruled the congressional map invalid, and that Meehan is retiring after his own sexual harassment row. For your viewing pleasure, an image of the district is bellow. Try not to retch.

Also, Lynn shares an experience she had yesterday with a beggar, and what it shows about our society that our instinct is to write them off. In fact, shouldn't a just society not have the homeless?

Also, Lynn has a correction about the recent story she shared about 11 school shootings this year. The fact is, that number includes many examples of bullets simply ricocheting off buildings. It's a bad use of numbers, as it cheapens the real threat guns off and distorts the arguments.

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