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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/25/18

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Fun fact for this Thursday morning: did you know Saudi Arabia has a camel beauty pagent? Also,did you know that everything from potato chips to new cars to office furniture could hold small amount of carcinogens that California wants to label? That's how Lynn is starting the show today to try and keep her blood pressure stable.

But then we are off into more serious topics, like the trial of the US Gymnastics doctor who abused over 150 gymnasts, or the trend of older women starting to getting nominated for best actress or supporting actress or the Financial Times story on the Men Only Gala in London that ended in a smorgasbord of harassment of female hostesses.

Finally, Lynn will reminisce with a caller about Uncle Dougie, Pittsburgh's legendary talk radio host who passed away 7 years ago. We'll play one of his famous segments with a poor old lady just trying to get a pie recipe. And it makes Lynn nostalgic for when talk radio meant just talking to each other as humans and not as a partisan news outlet.

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