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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/24/18

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It's a Wednesday, and Lynn is trying to keep her voice down to prevent a headache. Let's see how long that lasts...

Firstly, Lynn is talking about the irrational exuberance around the local 35th special election district. Yeah, a Democrat won. But it was already a Democratic district, and with only 10 percent turnout it's hard to say if Americans even deserve a democracy with how they use those rights. And a few callers will tell us about what it's like on the ground, from a lack of news coverage to the low turnout.

Also, did you know that in the first month of the year there have been ten school shootings in the country? According to reporting by the New York Times, that's the case, including one yesterday in Kentucky that killed 2 and injured many more. And yet we haven't heard a peep from President Trump. Nor has he said anything about the Detroit man who threatened to shoot up CNN's HQ.

Yep, there's the headache.

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