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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/23/18

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Hello everyone, and on Lynn's show today, it's Tuesdays with Suz! The two are talking a lot of topics so buckle in, from the Oscar nominations to the Trump's McDonald's order to the Pa. Supreme Court striking down the congressional map.

For Suz, it calls to mind SNL's recent sketch that asks "does this matter?" ( link here: Because after a year of Trump denying audio recording of himself bragging about sexual assault, retweeting fake videos to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment, going to the golf course 95 times and counting in his first year, or allegedly paying hush money over an affair with a porn star, it's tough to decide what to pay attention too. And Lynn agrees whole heartedly agrees.

Also, Lynn and Suz celebrate the Pa. Supreme Court ordering the legislature to redraw the state's congressional map. However, with a February 9 deadline for the Republican house to redraw the map, it could bring havoc on the electoral process this year. But overall, it's a big win for voters hoping to be better represented.

Also, should Lynn try to tackle Trump's 2,000+ calories McDonald's order on air? She's looking for a challenge and thinks she can beat the wimpy Business Insider reporter who wrote about it

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