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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/18/18

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Fun fact: today is Lynn's birthday! Yes, the venerable Lynn is now in her eighth decade of life on Earth today. And today there's a lot happening, from the next war of letters regarding the Post Gazette (including one from the Newsguild disowning their own editorial to Pittsburgh getting named as one of the last 20 contestants in the Amazon HQ2 sweepstakes as it turns elected officials into eager game show contestants or doe eyed Ms. America contestants to Jeff Bezos.

But she also has an important announcement: Lynn will be taking all of February off. It's just the shortest month though, so don't fret! And the show will be on for the rest of month and continue on after. But as Lynn said, she wants to make sure she doesn't let Trump kill her.

Also, reminder: The President will be near Pittsburgh this afternoon, so if you sense a disturbance in the force, it may be from that.

And finally, Lynn will also be taking tomorrow off. Sorry for the late notice!

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