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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/17/18

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Good morning everyone, and happy hump day! Sorry for the delay on Facebook posts, but Lynn is live this morning, and has been both Monday and Tuesday. Make sure you go back and listen.

She's leading off with Pittsburgh's leading target right now, the Post Gazette, but specifically it's editorial and publisher John Robinson Block, or as Lynn likes to say, "Blockhead." A recent editorial, set off a firestorm of responses from Pittsburgh's institutions and even former PG employees, who sent their own letter to the editor about the editorial. This morning, the Post Gazette published 5 letters to the editor about the editorial, but neither of the letters Lynn has read. But Lynn feels that journalists, from the White House Press Corps to Pittsburgh, need to show more courage facing down the administration or their own publisher. (Also, if you want to read what the PG's editorial page editor said, here's the story Lynn reads from.

But in good news, Lynn, a native Wisconsinite, points to a special election in the Badger state where a Democrat beat a Republican for state Senate by 9 points in a district where Trump won by 17 points in 2016. The results even have Lynn's hated for Scott Walker shaking in his boots.

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