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Lynn Cullen Live 09/25/12

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Phone guest: Susan; bad call at the Packers MNF game; anti-union Scott Walker wants the unionized NFL refs back; Ann Romney's plane filled w/ smoke, Mitt wonders why you can't open the window; election statistics; Pawlenty left Romney campaign; Toomey turned against bill he co-authored; political bumper stickers & yard signs; Yom Kippur ( no show tomorrow! ); today is the last day for Akin to pull out, but he won't; Bill Nye's viral video; Americans are dumb; will a man ever be Secretary of State again?; poorest states are all red states; Sarah Silverman - Let My People Vote; Juliana Koo, 107 years old & stick kickin'; Ig Nobel awards; San Fran changing building code for 220 sq ft apartments ( at over $1,000 a month! ); Caller: Michael, Palm Springs.

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Lynn Cullen Live 09/25/12

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