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Lynn Cullen Live 09/21/12

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Phone guests: Norris & Ricardo from 4 Wheel City; how they met, how they were accidentally shot, how they became an inspirational rap duo; 4 Wheel City performing at the August Wilson Center, Thurs, Sept. 27 @ 7pm, FREE; hostage situation at Gateway Center 3; similarities between Repubs & psychopaths; Tom Sokolowski performs in a French salon-themed fundraiser for the New Hazlett; Repubs gutting public school programs; Iranian woman tells cleric to cover his eyes when being scolded to cover up; even a non-believer would get into Heaven if they lived a good life; Voter ID laws don't mean anything if you don't register to vote!; another reason why Daryl Metcalfe is an asshole; Eric Cantor's Labor Day tweet; poll people aren't calling cell phones; Callers: Kristen, Greensburg / Michael, Palm Springs / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 09/21/12

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