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Lynn Cullen Live 08/29/12

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Guest: Chris Potter; Republican National Convention; Ann Romney's speech; Santorum is obsessed with hands; Corbett calls Ron Paul Paul Ryan; polls show Repubs are toast in PA; no Romney ads in PA; the hardships of Ann & Mitt; Paul Ryan: "Rape is a method of conception;" we laugh, but Romney COULD win; Jimmy Carter & Hubert Horatio Hornblower Humphrey; 2016: Obama's America; ironically, the Atlas Shrugged movie was rejected by the free market; RNC attendees throw peanuts at black camerawoman; new City Paper out today; ex-Pgh Public School educator & child porn; police hiring discrimination; baby words; peacocks are assholes; Callers: Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 08/29/12

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