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Lynn Cullen Live 08/14/12

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Phone guest: Susan ( & a cameo by Bill! ); fish, like company, starts to smell after 3 days; Lynn's mom in perfect health at 90; having family you love w/ different political views; Paul Ryan looks like Dracula, found his father dead & using his trauma to traumatize the rest of us; Obit: Helen Gurley Brown, original Cosmo Girl & author of Sex & the Single Girl; using sex to get a man; how Cosmo saddles insecurity; sibling jealousy; US gymnastics team at O' Hare airport; Olympics round-up; Stars Earn Strips reality show; f-bomb & sexting now in the dictionary; network enabled sheep collars; anti-depressants can cause orgasmic yawns; fetuses hiccup early & often; what talking & farting have in common.

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Lynn Cullen Live 08/14/12

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