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Lynn Cullen Live 04/01/13

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Opening Day - GO BUCS!; Sidney Crosby, Kevin Ware injuries & how CBS / NBC differed in their responses; marathon TV watching, losing yourself to the shows; new food at PNC Park feat. The Brunch Burger; Obit: Elsie Thompson, former oldest American; loud horns at Pens games; AMC has the best TV shows; Idaho teacher attacked for using the word vagina in a reproductive health class; only 14/100 metro areas in the US have recovered from the recession; Pgh hanging on because of our colleges, Google, marcellus shale, etc...; Repblicans are clueless; Repubs & immigration; bigots in Hazleton, PA; Callers: Clarence, Canonsburg / Dave, Washington / Beth.

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Lynn Cullen Live 4/1/13

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