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Lynn Cullen Live 03/19/13

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Phone guest: Susan; Jacoby Jones on DWTS, pretty good dancer; young people think it's rude to ask them something that you can Google; 103 year old woman on Ellen; being good to someone creates obligations; unwanted friendly gestures; Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn make it official; Federal judge strikes down Missouri bill to base health coverage on religious beliefs / opinions; History Channel's Bible miniseries makes the Devil out to look a lot like Obama; PA has more structurally deficient bridges in the country & over 1/2 the roads are in poor condition; cities running their own electricity services, not using private companies; appropriate in the US for business ethos to be, "greed is good;" more reasons why woodpeckers don't get brain damage; Callers: Mike, Philly / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 3/19/13

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