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Lynn Cullen Live 03/15/13

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Ides of March; Obit: Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, last of the men who plotted to kill Hitler; Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman's son comes out of the closet, Senator now supports gay marriage; cell phone talkers proved to be irritants; Mika Brzezinski's career influenced by her family; young people don't do voicemail; what's on a nightstand: today vs. 20 years ago; sleeping hours in Tudor times; don't look at your phone after sex; empathy is something you have or you don't; other 1st world problems; Dick Cheney to Portman: Follow Your Heart; Muslim Brotherhood's less than stellar statement on women; legislators receiving death threats for implementing some gun control; Callers: PJ, Greensburg / Beth / Unknowns.

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Lynn Cullen Live 3/15/13

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