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Lynn Cullen Live 02/7/14

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Guest: Chris Potter; death of TX man w/ slit throat ruled "accidental overdose;" Emily Rosing on the sides of our buses, who is she?; Pittsburgese + Wisconsinese; KDKA live streaming Rocco's funeral procession; military dogs given higher rankings than their handlers; Taliban captured Brit military dog, released video; are dogs better than humans?; Bill Burns' on-air racism; Peduto's on vacation for 5 days; Obit: Ralph Kiner, former Pittsburgh Pirate & courter of Janet Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor; The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh; Japan's most famous deaf composer found to be not deaf, using a ghostwriter; the Zimmerman/DMX boxing match; no such thing as bad publicity; some of the Steelers smoke pot for pain so they don't get addicted to Vicodin; immigration reform dead?; Callers: Clarence, Canonsburg / PJ, Greensburg / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 02/07/14

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