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Lynn Cullen Live 02/27/12

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Pollen counts are climbing already; Rick Santorum on Meet the Press, called Obama a snob for wanting people to go to college; students of Fox News holding the Republican party hostage; a lie can't live forever; The Duggars homeschool their kids so that they're around all day to cook, clean, etc..; kids need more than one window to look out of, they need to experience life outside of their home; Republicans who look down on their fellow Americans, those "less American" than they are; Obama....a radical Islamist?; bit of an Oscar recap - - the winners, how short the men looked, the women didn't even try with their hair; what's going on in Afghanistan; reading of recently lost soldiers' names; Caller: Jarrod, CMU.

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Lynn Cullen Live 02/27/12

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