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Lynn Cullen Live 02/04/13

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Super Bowl; power outage; only 11 minutes of actual moving the football in a game; Super Bowl commercials; Go Daddy spot was the least favorite; top 3 were Budweiser / Clydesdales, Joe Montana stain, Dodge farmer spot; the patriotism infused in American sports; Alicia Keys sang the longest rendition of the National Anthem ever; Beyonce's half-time performance; Just Married: Ada Bryant ( 97 ) & Robert Haire ( 86 ); rumors why Dan Marino wasn't drafted by the Steelers; that time Pgh played the 49ers & the power went out; Obit: inventor of the Etch-a-Sketch; German legislature decides to ban bestiality; Giant Eagle ending the Food Perks program; dismissal of Steve Bland; lawsuit against Chrysler as a result of the Washington Ave. floods 2 years ago; Caller: Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 2/04/13

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