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Lynn Cullen Live 01/21/14

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Phone Guest: Susan. The Flu, H1N1. Strong flu in 1918 killed many 20 somethings because their strong immune system overreacted. Mellon-Scathe trial, Dog kidnapped 'reward for dog.' Why dogs circle before they poop is due to them wanting to align with earth's magnetic poles. School on lock-down after news reporter wanted to test the security of the high school, SWAT team called in, people outraged. Increase in STDs in 65+ elderly people in nursing homes, due to Viagra and lack of sexual education. Richard Sherman verbally attacking Michael Crabtree, educated man still in 'Warrior' mode. Verbal 'qualifier' phrases like "To tell you the truth..." precede comments that are negative. Callers: PJ, unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 01/21/14

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