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 A professional gambler (Eric Bana) juggles a new love interest (Drew Barrymore) and his poker-playing dad (Robert Duvall) while trying to secure at seat at the 2003 World Series of Poker. Clocking in at over two hours, Curtis Hanson's dramedy still doesn't feel like a full deck; notably light subplots include the weirdness of living in Las Vegas; how the gambling milieu has changed over 20 years; father-son dysfunction; and anything to do with Barrymore's character. What's left are plenty of Texas Hold 'Em games played in real time -- and all the breezy poker chat and crusty players wearing funny headgear can't make these scenes come to life. (How real-life poker will turn out is unknowable; movies that depend on poker outcomes for narrative are utterly predictable.) Duvall has a few moments that spark, but he's still more of a figure clipped from a pulp novel than a fully developed character. [capsule review]

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